Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Australia Post, still screwing up

Australia Post has been screwing up mightily in all ways when dealing with anything for the past month or so. I am continually getting letters and parcels for the wrong address. This is a fire-able offense if repeated.

A UPS parcel arriving tracked at the highest priority from the States was lost in the delivery system because it exits the tracking system when duty is needed, and is thus no longer traceable. They sent Bernie to one Post Office, who then sent him to another only to be told wait until the end of the week, "it might turn up". He actually went back the next day and by accident saw his name on a sheet of paper and forced them to check it out. As it turns out, it had been at that post office for nearly a week.

Parcels are also continually left at the front door if no one's home. If parcels are not delivered (as required when no one is home), no cards are left at the time of delivery, but only sent a week later from the Post Office who received undelivered parcels. Both of these things are part of the driver's contract, and if repeated, are fire-able offenses.

Today I received a phone call from the Australian Passports office complaining that I did not hand in my emergency passport. I had included it with my application and told the Post Office person that it must be attached to and forwarded with the application, as was explained to me by the embassy in Germany. Apparently they also screwed up believing I didn't need my change of name certificate (and convincing me of it), as my name on the birth certificate was the same as on the emergency passport. I now need to send a certified copy of both sides of the change of name certificate through to the Passports office ASAP. Note, this is after I had to visit the post office three times to get to the stage where they would accept my application (for reasons of: photos not being wide enough/white even though I ended up submitting exactly that photo, (which was fine with the Passports office), and ensuring I apply only within the times as specified for dealing with applications).

I'm wondering when the delivery aspect was privatised (those workers are now contracted), because it's degraded very badly over the last year, and especially in the last couple of months.I'm also quite worried about this service, as I need to submit my original documents to the British Embassy in Canberra for my passport application this week, and then send them off again with original receipts to the claims department of the insurance company. That's four trips through the broken postal system where they could be irretrievably lost.

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