Friday, February 27, 2004

Another operation possibility

The CAT scan didn't show anything useful about the ongoing sinus problems. The surgeon is not certain I would be able to breathe clearly with the operation, or that the post-nasal drip would stop (or at least decrease substantially), and would not commit to whether or not it would help the sinus headaches or infections (which he agreed were probably stress or allergy related). So.... there may be a sinus operation looming. I won't be doing it before finishing honours as it's likely to stuff me up (literally) for about a month. The scan itself took about 2 minutes, lying on my back with a spinning donut over my head. The technology has improved substantially since '99.

I'm lucky I didn't have to move my jaw much today, as the right joint has completely seized and is quite inflamed. The dentist warned me about this, but there isn't much I can do apart from rest, physio exercises, and apply gentle heat and massage to the hinges. It does mean that I can't open my mouth much, and of course, can't chew without a load of pain and noise in my right ear. I guess it's indicative of how much stress the last week or so has put on me.

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