Monday, February 2, 2004

Another doc-day

This weekend (and today) has been fairly hectic and stressful. Saturday we had to drive a fair way for a podiatrist appointment, and instead of being consulted, they just handed me my (fixed) insteps, saying they wouldn't charge me for them. I would expect not, they stuffed up the fitting in the first place.

Sunday was a family day, Bobby (my mum's neurotic dog), was usually found flopped on my lap like a cat. Fran asked when Bernie and I were getting a dog. I don't know why I give off dog-person vibes, I'm very definitely a cat person. Anyway, I stole a number of lavender and daphne cuttings to try to propogate them. The lavender bush I mangled was actually grown from one I gave nanna about 10 years ago, and is an incredibly huge plant. I hope the cuttings take, then I can have my own dried lavender to make things with.

Today involved being stuck with needles by a new acupuncturist. He is probably very good, but his english is limited, and I don't know if he knows what adenomyosis is. The practice is also located in Caulfield South, which is nigh impossible to reach via public transport within a reasonable time frame. I'll be trying the acupuncturist at Wheelers Hill in a month, before possibly going back there.

After a detour at Chaddy, I had my yearly monitoring gyno appointment and find out lots about the pill that I didn't know. I am currently on Norinyl 1, which is a very high progestogen, low oestragen pill, and is typically good at controlling endometriosis growth. However, it is an old style pill, which has a load of fairly bad side effects (depression, weight gain, water retention, thickening of all mucous linings, acne, migraines, etc). This may be the root of my recurring sinusitis, bloating, acne, and despair. The newer pills are much gentler, with fewer side effects, however those with high progestogen still cause acne, depression/mood swings and water retention (just to a lesser extent). So I'm changing to Minulet (at twice the cost of Norinyl), in the hope of getting rid of some of the more extreme side effects.

The gyno also recommended a new 5 year IUD, Mirena, which contains a source of slow release progestogen, delivered directly to the uterus (instead of trying to get it there via the digestion/blood stream). This would reduce bleeding, and therefore pain, and has been successfully used in women with adenomyosis (and to some extent those with endometriosis) to get rid of symptoms (but not the disease itself). I would still need to be on a gentle pill to stop ovulation and control oestragen levels to slow/stop the endo growth, but I would not need the high progestogen pill. (Mirena site)

A side note - the adenomyosis is showing up on ultrasound now. Either the technology has improved greatly in one year, or the adeno has got much worse.

Update - Bernie found an interesting study done in Britain about Mirena.

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