Friday, January 30, 2004


My skin is now tinted slightly blue, my nails rather a dead looking blue shade, and my hair, is much darker and bluer. It also got a trim before the dye, so hopefully the split ends won't be as bad. There is still a huge variation in colour, the hair at the scalp (especially around facial hairline) still didn't take. *sigh*

I discovered cream cleanser is a better way of immediately getting rid of colour from tiles and grout while waiting for the conditioner, as opposed to bleaching it after exiting. Perhaps my bleach isn't strong enough. There is still the old blue tinge on the floor, especially around the drain, but it hasn't got any worse.

I had to wash it out much sooner than expected due to the appearance of a 'really bad headache'tm due to not wearing glasses, and an itching scalp. It still had about 5 times the recommended soaking. I don't think the itching had anything to do with the dye, as it was really only where the plastic covering was annoying the skin.

Now.. off to quell the headache....

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