Thursday, January 8, 2004

Hit by a bus or something much larger

53 hours of travelling got us from Bremen in Germany back to Melbourne, by way of Frankfurt airport, Taipei and Sydney. As soon as I got on the plane, I got a rather persistent blood nose. All of the planes were horridly full and far too hot and I couldn't lay down anywhere. I suspect my touchy sinuses don't like the constant excessively dry and hot air when combined with pressure changes.

When we left, the temperature was below zero. The hotel in Taipei was fairly cold (made so by air conditioning). Sydney however was a very muggy 29, ug. However, despite still having the week-long headache, I wasn't feeling too bad once we got back to Melbourne (where it was mercifully cool and raining). The next day was also ok, but a niggling cough started up in the evening.

Tuesday was the start of lecturing, and I was very sick. I actually had all the symptoms of SARS, but the doc only listened to my chest, didn't even bother to look at my glands, throat, ears or take my temperature (around 38-39). Not impressed! Diagnosis: bronchitis, sinusitis, throat infection. Treatment: "Your body will fight it naturally". This doctor is clueless - my immune system is crap, it can't fight anything :-\. All the antibiotics that would work ok I'm allergic to (story of all my ills), so back to a double dose of Ceclor and some large doses of codeine to deal with the pain. Note to Monashians, the doctors at the medical service are typically crap.

I still managed to give the lecture, but had no voice afterwards. Got picked up by mum and went to bed as soon as I got home. Slept till evening. Bernie had brought Pinewood chicken which I managed to eat most of, though it was difficult. The boys were around for Settlers so I didn't get much attention *pout*. Went back to sleep fairly quickly and slept quite well through the night. The next morning was oh so much worse. Coughing hurt like crazy, consistent 38.5 or higher temperature and little voice meant I couldn't lecture. Slept all that day and found that my nose had started running like the leak in the bathroom cold tap. I'm still going through tissues like crazy. Didn't sleep much last night, and today my chest is bubbling up to my throat. Exertion or talking (rather than breathy whispering) results in me nearly dying coughing and not being able to breathe at all. Not pleasant. Temperature is down to 38, and without a voice I still can't lecture. *grumble*

The next lecture is on Tuesday so I should be ok for that, and because Part A is now so far behind (2 lectures) I'll be talking for 2 hours on Tues/Wed. I think I'll make the marking on the first Part A prac (Friday) a little more lenient than previous years.

I'm dosing ridiculously on vitamins, pain killers, cough medicine, throat gargles, antibiotics, and eating more fruit than I have done at any other time in my life. I will certainly be ok for Tuesday, or will consider trying to replace this body. Everything is on hold till I get better, which is bad as I need to do the insurance claim (bag containing passports, medication, jewellery, tickets, clothes, makeup etc was stolen in Hamburg on Boxing Day). *bah*

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