Friday, January 30, 2004

Distinct entity

My hair is no longer a part of me. It is continually referred to as a seperate entity, "the hair". I never had this happen with I dyed my hair 'normal' colours, but nearly everyone has commented on "the hair" (if they comment at all). Childrens reactions are the funniest, and I'm not being recognised by people who know me. *giggle*

I should have turned up to the pirate party (was sleeping), I probably would have been called a mermaid no matter what I wore, as by then, my hair had faded to an aquamarine shade. It will go back to blue by tomorrow, then I get to freak the family on Sunday. *grin*

I can't stay on the computer today. Touching up the blue and leaving it on all day means I can't wear my glasses. The font sizes have already been increased a fair amount, and although I can make out the words from the shapes, I will strain them trying to focus. So... to avoid a headache, I'm going to clean the house... ug.

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