Monday, December 22, 2003

In Germany

As you can tell from the lack of entries, I'm not net-connected for the time being, and just discovered so much spam on this blog. Not happy...

It's cold here, but not snowing, and probably unlikely to snow any time soon, so it looks like I won't get a white xmas. However, I have got to look at some castles (most were closed as it's December), and do other sight-seeing stuff. We have also booked to see the English (original) version of ROTK. It was suprisingly difficult to find sessions in Bremen/Hamburg that were not dubbed! We'll see it next Tuesday though.

Work stuff is under control, and it looks like we'll get a tiny class (so far only 25 or so students... it's a far cry from the 250 I taught last semester).

Anyhow... seeing as there are timed local calls here, I'd better make this short.... Am glad it's not a hot xmas here! (Am also enjoying the Weinachtsmarkts :>)

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