Sunday, December 7, 2003


Things are getting rather last minute. I still haven't got the courseware finished, haven't started packing or cleaning, haven't set up the hose to water the plants and haven't even spent the prescribed two days in bed. Which means I'm panicking, my ankle and back are playing up, my pain threshold is negative, and I'm still very sick in the ears/throat/sinus area.

Oh well... an apt xmas quiz before I leave, even the reasons are accurate....

<>You are 'Adam Lay Y Bounden'! Ah, you appear to be something of a Christmas snob. Whether you are a musician who has sung one carol service too many, or merely someone with very highbrow views on music and culture, you shudder at the thought of piped music in lifts, wince at endless repetitions of Jingle Bells and have put out a contract on Rudolph. While you agree that some of the well-known carols are lovely, you are more drawn by the really obscure medieval carols, or the ones arranged by Bach. You also know parodies of several carols - a legacy of excessive carolling, or perhaps just the product of an enquiring and slighly cynical mind... Try to enjoy Christmas, anyway.

What Christmas Carol are you? brought to you by QuizillaAdam lay y bounden

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