Tuesday, November 18, 2003


There are times where pain gets to be that bad, that I just can't force myself to breathe. Yet I still have to work, study, shop, clean, go on with living. Unfortunately I am so busy at the moment preparing to go overseas for a month (no plans on what to do there yet, we haven't had time to look at anything), trying to get courseware and honours work done before I leave, sort out more house problems, find some formal stuff to wear, find some warm clothes for travelling, etc etc etc. All while I'm in huge amounts of pain.

I have just received an extension on the two assignments that there was no hope in completing. I am seriously considering dropping honours at this stage, as I can not see me having the time or health to do the project justice, I still have two papers and two large assignments, the project yet to code, experiments to do and thesis to complete, and it feels interminable and completely unachievable. There is a little less pressure now that the two assignments can be handed in at my own pace when I return from Germany. Maybe I'll keep plodding, I can probabl defer another semester, although I really shouldn't.

Supervisor meeting and cross-checking Malaysia exams today, examiners meeting tomorrow, and I have no idea when I'll be able to talk, think, stand, travel for those, let alone find enough non-pain time to get formal clothes for the wedding on the weekend. Or get family xmas shopping done (it's on the 29th November this year, combined with my birthday. Really looking forward to that :-\) Or get shopping and planning for Germany done. Or get study and CSE1303s coursework completed.

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