Sunday, November 9, 2003

Faster, newer, quieter...

As hardware normally does around me, the computer I use for anything not requiring Windows or MP3 playing died today. About the time when I should have been finishing my parallel assignment. Which sent the wonderful Bernie off to buy me a yummy early birthday present. So now, I have a quiet, superfast computer. Watch my seti stats soar! Well.. not quite.

To distract myself while the box was being reassembled I started reading, which ended up continuing long after it was working, and thus putting off the assignment for longer. Then when I reached the end of a chapter, I started looking for a cheapish, not overly mass produced incense burner, capable of burning charcoal tablets without combusting, cracking or other unwanted effects. A small cauldron would do, or some kind of brass thingy.. but of all those I found, all are expensive with exhorbitant shipping costs.

Anyhow, enough putting-off, I shall get going on the lazy barber program (my current high fever may make the solution much more interesting).

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