Thursday, November 27, 2003

Birthday goodness

Bernie spoilt me this year, first giving me Puff the purple dragon (photo forthcoming), then the Two Towers extended collectors edition (though, now that I've seen it I owe him a backrub), and a new faster computer well before my actual birthday. We watched the extended edition last night, and I loved it. I'll need to watch it again soon ;> (but I probably won't get more time before we go away - perhaps I should take it with me).

The Amazon order arrived containing the next three histories of middle earth (in large format paperback), and I splurged a bit in the city on a new necklace, belly dance chain, Settlers card game expansion and some other things.

The last thing left is my family thing on Saturday for both birthday and christmas, which I am completely dreading. Bernie's work end-of-year party is on Sunday, to which clients have been invited and a demo planned. I thought social functions were meant to not include working? It is dinner on a Yarra cruise which should be quite nice (providing they have some non-dairy alternatives).

All my shopping for the trip has been done (apart from a coat, which I'll get from Germany). With all these really warm clothes I'll definitely be set for next Winter in Melbourne!

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