Monday, November 24, 2003

Bad throat

Looks like the ever present sinusitis has turned into a bad throat infection, right before I go away. I can hardly swallow, my sinuses are completely stuffed, I can't think at all, and my stomach refuses to settle. Not to mention I can hardly balance and walk due to ears being blocked and legs that are killing me. However, Dave and Kamala's wedding was beautiful and we had a great time, found some gorgeous spots in the botanic gardens. I'll make available photos later this week before we go to Germany, and put up some other photos while I'm at it, if I find the time.

I still have to write a paper which with this head blockage is impossible. And revise the courseware for summer semester. I must not forget to enroll tomorrow for 2004. Too busy and too ill to get through it.

Updated November 26th
Well, the doc looked at my throat, and said I must spend one day in bed. Then looked at my ears and changed that to at least two days. It's not going to happen till next week, and then it's probably too late. Ahhh well, I'm on strong (and kidney upsetting :-\) antibiotics to try to clear my ears up before I get on the plane, apparently fluid filled ears would be incredibly painful.

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