Monday, October 13, 2003

Why cool?

I have been reading about Monash's Cool Campus initiative. I don't see anything 'cool' about it. Useful, yes, and trendy to a point. But really it's just about tying technology closer to teaching, learning and everyday life. It assumes that students and staff are rich enough to own laptops, PDAs and various other forms of technology. It would probably encourage more students not to attend classes, the audio recordings of the lectures and the provided lecture notes already do a very good job of ensuring low attendance.

I also wonder how much information is too much? One of the projects was to investigate a web-based bulletin board (like the first year noticeboard, etc), which can display class cancellations and dynamic content. While ideally useful, how many students would take notice of it after the first few times they walk past? And how many would go out of their way to walk past it (especially over in the new CSSE building, 10 minutes walk from the center of Clayton campus)?

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