Friday, October 24, 2003


A double dose of sinusitis antibiotics is playing havoc with my digestion and sending my pain levels through the roof. I haven't cramped like this in a while, meaning I am constantly very sleepy. My body seems to have a sleep reflex to pain. However, the antibiotics are giving me pretty bad nightmares, or allowing my stress levels to screw up my sleep much easier than normal, so even after sleeping I feel like crap.

I had rung my agent (previous house) on Tuesday evening to complain about the landlord sending people around unannounced. She mentioned that the landlord had wanted to take me to court because my mother had snibbed the lock on the front door before shutting it for the last time. Mum thought she was locking it properly, however, it does mean that you can't get in with a key. The other outside doors are all bolted and locked from the inside, and no door handle keys exist for them. I could have insisted on having those locks changed throughout my tenancy for the reason that there is only one entrance to the house, which can be completely and unlockably locked. I don't know why they wanted to take me to court over it. The landlord had to go and 'break' into the house, effectively taking ownership of it, before the agent had done her final inspection.

M (ex-housemate) had spent the Sunday emptying and cleaning out the house, so that the floors were very clean, which made the cleanup on Monday a lot less stressful and quicker. It still took about 5 hours, even without doing any garden work. Now there is just the matter of the outstanding bills owed to me :-\

Apparently the landlord said to the agent that he didn't agree to us moving out a month early even though the termination letter sent by the agent said he would probably agree to it, and I had sent the reciprocal lease termination a month prior to moving out. I thought a non-reply was a sign of agreement. Apparently not.

However, the agent was able to calm the landlord down on both counts, and everything has been forgotten. I hope I don't have anything to do with those landlords again. :-\ Currently I have a request for various fixes to the new place to be handed to the new agent, and I am worried how they will be received. The new landlord does not seem to be the 'handyman' type, so I have no idea how long we'll be waiting for non-leaking taps in the laundry, an outside light fixed, and various other things. I also want to start poisoning the noxious weeds (sticky weed, ivy, wandering dew, bindii grass, cooch), so it's ready for when I get back from overseas, and does not take much looking after by the house-sitter. But that requires permission, and getting permission means completing this letter, and getting Bernie to take it to the agent.

I want everything to be done, finished and settled with the old house (final bills to arrive, M to pay outstanding monies, bond returned). I don't feel like I've settled into the new house yet as there is still too much hanging over from the old house. It's making working/studying at all quite difficult (bad health, exhaustion, too much work and boxes everywhere is not making it any easier).

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