Friday, October 3, 2003


Ok... now it's a reality, I'm moving house on Sunday, instead of three weeks. This has come about for a number of reasons. Movers cost too much. They don't insure against damaging goods (including pianos) in transit - that's extra. My housemate owes me nearly $400, which would have paid for movers had their prices been a little more reasonable.

Which means I have three days to pack the house, clean everything, and salvage my bulbs and other plants from the garden. I hope they survive being pulled up this early!

And of course, I have 3 huge assignments and an exam in the next week and a bit, not to mention I'm suffering from exhaustion & depression (I had to put down my angel fish which I had for about 4 years, and had to do it quickly, which meant using a knife *argh!!*).

And I panicked earlier, thinking daylight savings was starting this weekend, and would therefore lose an hour. I hate daylight savings, it means there is more daylight when I'm meant to be awake, and I don't like daylight. However, two kind people have pointed it out to me that it starts at the end of October - thanks! Much relief.

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