Monday, October 13, 2003

Bad mouses

I am not having a good time with computer hardware at the moment.. my ps2 mouse port on my dual boot machine has died (probably blew the fuse). I wasted $25 on a new ps2 mouse before finding out it was the port though. Windows wants drivers before it can use the USB mouse and I discovered that Quicktime crashes without the mouse. It required the keyboard mouse accessibility stuff to be on to work QT in order for me to view the new ROTK trailer. I want ROTK now... and I want the EE of TT yesterday! In other computer frustrations, I couldn't play through the digital audio from either of the two SCSI CDRoms and the IDE CDRom is not good enough to get a non broken digital stream.

However, I do have pictures up, so it's feeling a little less like I've just moved. The kitchen is still not sorted - I have no idea where I'm going to put my billion and one herbs and spices. You can't move in the storage room under the house (well... you can... just not very far), and the garden is crying out. All the books are still in boxes, and will be for a long time, although once the Sten shelves are up, the games can come out of storage, and there will be more room in the lounge.

We had a murder today. A one legged raven poked Fatty the goldfish (true to his name) from the pond. Bernie saw him and flipped him back into the pond, but he had a hole leading to his brain (or at least into his head), and finally stopped breathing, so became the start of a new compost pile. The murderer came back to take another swoop at the pond later on, probably wondering where his dinner went.

I'm in a load of pain, and wondering if it's because I haven't been to acupuncture for 4 weeks or so. I half hope it is, and half hope it isn't because I don't want to have to continue forking out $80 odd each fortnight for treatment and herbs. My supervisors are pressuring me to get work done on the project - specifically the experiments, which I am really not looking forward to. I have extensions on 3 assignments that I am completely non-motivated to do, and am running out of time for everything (and running out of Mersyndol Forte for pain).

Money is getting to a desperate situation, mostly due to my ex-housemate owing so much, and not knowing if/when I get my $2000 bonus for teaching for three semesters straight. My leave in December has still not been approved, and the person who usually arranges my (incredibly strange and difficult) contract changes at this time of the year has quit without warning or leaving any instructions. I was due to go full time sometime this week to start getting my bonus.... it takes about a fortnight to process contract changes, and I can't be full time in December when I go on leave. I hate money, I hate being paid a pittance for too many hours work, and I hate it when people don't pay their (very large) overdue bills (heading up to a month now).

Long rambly post because my brain is not working. Sleep now.... maybe tonight I won't dream of spiders, or my childhood, or of being hunted/killed. *sigh*

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