Tuesday, September 9, 2003

New house

As you may be aware, the house I am currently living in is being demolished at the end of November (when the lease runs out). This prompted me and Bernie to decide to move in together. So we went house hunting (for the first time) on Saturday, had a look at one open house first, and then visited a couple of houses after getting the keys from the agents. The house open for inspection was well presented, just how well presented was not clear until we had seen some others. We ended up getting this one.

The first house we got the keys for was in a horrible state! There was junk (rusted iron bits, car bits, broken furniture and garden impelments, etc) throughout the yard and garage, the backyard was a mess, there were many broken windows (I saw 5), stuck together with sticky tape, the house was falling to bits inside (structurally, as well as the carpet, bathroom and kitchen fittings). Various locks and hinges on doors (inside and out) were broken. I was horrified, and walked around in shock. I have never actually seen a house in such bad disrepair. And they wanted $270 per week for it! The second house was advertised as a 4 bedroom, but one of the rooms would probably have been a dining room/study as there was no door, and you had to walk through it to get to the other 3 bedrooms. The third house had tenants in it, so it felt wrong to be looking through. Again, it was a 3 bedroom house with the main bedroom accessible through another room (counted as the 4th bedroom, similar to the previous house).

Having seen these three houses, the first one really stood out, so we applied on that same Saturday. After ringing around references and landlords, we were approved, bond has been paid and a contract has been half signed. There were a couple of wierd things in the contract which don't make sense: a clause "You agree that the whitegoods are in working order", (includes dishwasher/oven/hotplates). This was before we even have looked at the fittings properly, let alone tested them! There was also a clause "The previous tenant was the landlord". Never heard of that one before, no idea why it' a clause. And it was untrue - this landlord is a company, not a person, and companies don't live in houses. I hope the agents don't cause many problems, both of us have had excellent agents/landlords in the past, and neither of us will tolerate being screwed around. They are being stubborn about several things. However, we might be able to get a couple of cats sometime into the lease, yay!

So.... Bernie moves later this month, and I move at the end of October. However, the Comp Sci department is moving into a new building in the next few weeks, so I'll be moving offices as well. Busy times ahead with 3 moves.... ug..... I'm tired already.

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