Sunday, September 14, 2003

The lack...

Again, I'm in a rut. I have no motivation to do anything, although I wrote a neat test today (least I think it's neat, not sure what the students and/or Debbie will think). I'm trying to find the impetus to push me to start finishing the rest of the compression assignment, and it's not working. It's completely annoying, hard to understand and the teacher doesn't understand what is being taught, so the assignment questions don't make sense for a number of reasons.

Am getting excited about moving - signed the lease today, and we get the keys next Friday night. *bounce* We are going to take a kettle, cups, tea bags, folding chairs and grab dinner at Pinewood chicken shop, then measure everything! We are within walking distance to Pinewood, and the best chicken shop I have ever been to, not to mention an excellent butcher, grocer, pharmacist, 24 hour Coles and a cheap small cinema with gorgeous sound. The pizza place we recently discovered (that makes the best pizza I have ever eaten) will deliver to the new house (it's near my current house), and we are also within walking distance to another shopping center with a 24 hour Coles. Unfortunately there are no fabric/craft stores in any nearby places, and Alasya hasn't magically moved any closer, but that's about all I can complain about, for location of shops/food places. Basically it's in the area that I had considered ideal :>

I want it to be Friday, where compression assignment is handed in, parallel assignment readings have been collected and read, and can spend an evening exploring, planning and condition reporting the new place.

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