Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Bad head update

Seems like I always go much further than others when I get sick. As I am getting really bad sinusitis infections regularly, and I have an enlarged adenoid (the gland at the top of the throat, behind the nose), I'm going to get my sinuses thoroughly checked out. I can't have the medication that would work for it (allergic), neither can I have any migraine medicine (anti-inflamms are not allowed due to kidney disease).

It won't be till next year, when I actually have some money saved up, as it may require an operation to remove the adenoid (through the nose - apparently it's a very painful operation/recovery, yay :-\). I will be sent to a specialist to see if I have any polyps or growths anywhere else in the sinuses. But the current diagnosis of my headaches is that it is due to sinusitis. Another load of tests and MRIs - I'm so sick of it!

At the moment, it has also fostered a virus that has set my throat off and put fluid in one ear. I just hope no one complains that I'm not at uni for consultation, 'cos at the moment I don't have much patience.

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