Saturday, August 30, 2003

Unexpected time

Well, I thought the marking would take longer. It probably did take a long time (about 11 hours stright without a break), but I finished it last night (or rather this morning at 6:30am). That means I have a weekend! Yay! More time to spend on data compression assignments.

And due to this feeling of 'extra' time, I decided to do some exercise this morning (belly dance and yoga routines). Am now sore... and cold for some reason. I don't think the heater is working properly. (Just checked, my column heater has now officially died - the thermostat works, it just doesn't switch on!)

We wants to see Two Towers, precioussss, yesssss, we wants it! We wants it now!! I wonder if I can bully Bernie to borrow and watch it and the specials with me... I need some off work/study time.

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