Saturday, August 30, 2003

Doc Martins

I recently had a huge amount of trouble recently trying to find Doc Martens 14up boots. I chased many stores by phone around Melbourne, and got a list of shops that at one time bought 14ups from the main Doc Marten company in Melbourne. So here is the list of what I found:

  • Yodgee Urban Style (Hawthorn and Prahran) has a couple of pairs of 14ups in UK sizes 8 or 10 for $247
  • DC Street (Melbourne City, Richmond, South Yarra) has a few pairs of 14ups in UK sizes UK5, 9, 10, 11, 12 for $149 (on sale)
  • The Shoe Fitz (Fitzroy) has 1 pair of 14ups in UK size 6 for $269.95
  • Shoes Galore (Dandenong) has 1 pair of 14ups in UK size 4 and and is possibly able to get one pair in UK size 7 for $240
  • USM (Frankston) has 14ups in all UK sizes except for UK size 8 for $240

(Note: the prices above was what I was quoted on the phone two weeks ago)

Apparently 14ups are only made once a year and ship to Melbourne stores in April, so this is completely the wrong time of year to look for them. The rumour that the Doc Marten company had folded seems to be unfounded, however, the shoes will no longer be made in England. So there may be a dry spell for spotting Docs for sale in the near future while the company relocates is manufacturing.

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