Saturday, August 23, 2003

Gah... too much work!

This is for the next couple of weeks, so I can look back at the end and say "I survived that?!?"

  • Marking 300 tests for CSE1303 (from 29-9 over the weekend)
  • CSE462 paper 1 due 1-9 (comparing specialised hardware parallel systems with common cluster systems)

  • CSE457 large programming assignment due 8-9

  • CSE462 paper 2 due 12-9 (pros and cons of specialised parallel approaches to VR)

  • CSE1303 Exam due 15-9 (needs to have been test sat, proof read several times, and approved by first year co-ord)

And of course Bernie's birthday and our anniversary are slap bang in the middle. *bah* My honours supervisor just told me she wanted the honours project finished this year - not a chance! We will be moving two houses into one in November, and then going to Germany for a month over December, which means I need to have all the CSE1303 courseware ready to go before I leave. Will I survive this year?

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