Friday, August 29, 2003


So here I am, sitting at work on a Friday night, marking test papers. After a rotten day in a fair amount of pain, waiting for the mersyndol to kick in. You see, I had to attend a meeting for the CS review on programming, where it was decided that I should also be involved in the professional developement review for CS (which meets on my days off). But before that, I found out that it is unlikely I have a job next year. They are probably going to cut back the number of Assistant Lecturers, and despite the fact that I lecture for 2 semesters, I am likely to be out of a job. So much for loyalty.... I can always tutor of course, it actually pays better. But it is only seasonal casual and I don't get an office. I wonder how they will do without the ALs, considering 3 of the 7 lecture in at least one semester, and the lecturers would kick up the most almighty stink if they had to do all the admin that the ALs normally did.

Then I made the mistake of going shopping for trousers. It is impossible to find trousers that fit me, and I have no idea why it's so darned difficult!

And now, after a horrid day, I'm back at work for the next how ever many hours trying to get as far into the marking as possible, and I just know what to expect. *sigh*

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