Saturday, August 30, 2003

Unexpected time

Well, I thought the marking would take longer. It probably did take a long time (about 11 hours stright without a break), but I finished it last night (or rather this morning at 6:30am). That means I have a weekend! Yay! More time to spend on data compression assignments.

And due to this feeling of 'extra' time, I decided to do some exercise this morning (belly dance and yoga routines). Am now sore... and cold for some reason. I don't think the heater is working properly. (Just checked, my column heater has now officially died - the thermostat works, it just doesn't switch on!)

We wants to see Two Towers, precioussss, yesssss, we wants it! We wants it now!! I wonder if I can bully Bernie to borrow and watch it and the specials with me... I need some off work/study time.

Doc Martins

I recently had a huge amount of trouble recently trying to find Doc Martens 14up boots. I chased many stores by phone around Melbourne, and got a list of shops that at one time bought 14ups from the main Doc Marten company in Melbourne. So here is the list of what I found:

  • Yodgee Urban Style (Hawthorn and Prahran) has a couple of pairs of 14ups in UK sizes 8 or 10 for $247
  • DC Street (Melbourne City, Richmond, South Yarra) has a few pairs of 14ups in UK sizes UK5, 9, 10, 11, 12 for $149 (on sale)
  • The Shoe Fitz (Fitzroy) has 1 pair of 14ups in UK size 6 for $269.95
  • Shoes Galore (Dandenong) has 1 pair of 14ups in UK size 4 and and is possibly able to get one pair in UK size 7 for $240
  • USM (Frankston) has 14ups in all UK sizes except for UK size 8 for $240

(Note: the prices above was what I was quoted on the phone two weeks ago)

Apparently 14ups are only made once a year and ship to Melbourne stores in April, so this is completely the wrong time of year to look for them. The rumour that the Doc Marten company had folded seems to be unfounded, however, the shoes will no longer be made in England. So there may be a dry spell for spotting Docs for sale in the near future while the company relocates is manufacturing.

Friday, August 29, 2003


So here I am, sitting at work on a Friday night, marking test papers. After a rotten day in a fair amount of pain, waiting for the mersyndol to kick in. You see, I had to attend a meeting for the CS review on programming, where it was decided that I should also be involved in the professional developement review for CS (which meets on my days off). But before that, I found out that it is unlikely I have a job next year. They are probably going to cut back the number of Assistant Lecturers, and despite the fact that I lecture for 2 semesters, I am likely to be out of a job. So much for loyalty.... I can always tutor of course, it actually pays better. But it is only seasonal casual and I don't get an office. I wonder how they will do without the ALs, considering 3 of the 7 lecture in at least one semester, and the lecturers would kick up the most almighty stink if they had to do all the admin that the ALs normally did.

Then I made the mistake of going shopping for trousers. It is impossible to find trousers that fit me, and I have no idea why it's so darned difficult!

And now, after a horrid day, I'm back at work for the next how ever many hours trying to get as far into the marking as possible, and I just know what to expect. *sigh*

Sunday, August 24, 2003


It's interesting to note that whenever I get extremely busy or extremely stressed (more often both), my period breaks through. Now if I was a healthy person, without both adenomyosis and endometriosis that probably wouldn't bother me more than be just an inconvenience. However, as the endo and adeno growths bleed internally with the period, the amount of pain is insane. Which places me gibbering nonsensically in bed, or taking loads of strong pain killers.

Of course, I am not allowed to take the medications that would work (anti-inflammatories), as I have fairly advanced kidney disease. Another problem is that everytime the adeno bleeds, the swelling increases, it grows, probably moving forward the date of a full hysterectomy (damn it, I'm only 26, I don't need another (permanent) menopause yet!!) (note: three months of Zolodex treatment for smeared endo growths gave me a three month menopause, with all the 'side' effects)

So... as this is one of the busiest times of the year (the next worst will be November), and I am laid low yet again. It might result in some very interesting drug induced coding for the data compression assignment....

The main problem I see for this week is the two lectures and six hours of consultation. Recently the 'everyday' pain has been getting to the stage where I collapse, trying not to scream, and luckily it has only happened once when a student was around. I am desperately hoping the Mersyndol Forte will work for the spikes, must remember to put it in my bag.....

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Gah... too much work!

This is for the next couple of weeks, so I can look back at the end and say "I survived that?!?"

  • Marking 300 tests for CSE1303 (from 29-9 over the weekend)
  • CSE462 paper 1 due 1-9 (comparing specialised hardware parallel systems with common cluster systems)

  • CSE457 large programming assignment due 8-9

  • CSE462 paper 2 due 12-9 (pros and cons of specialised parallel approaches to VR)

  • CSE1303 Exam due 15-9 (needs to have been test sat, proof read several times, and approved by first year co-ord)

And of course Bernie's birthday and our anniversary are slap bang in the middle. *bah* My honours supervisor just told me she wanted the honours project finished this year - not a chance! We will be moving two houses into one in November, and then going to Germany for a month over December, which means I need to have all the CSE1303 courseware ready to go before I leave. Will I survive this year?

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Isle of the Dead, by Roger Zelazny

Roger Zelazny - Isle of the Dead

This book was intriguing as it was written in a style I don't read very often (and it was written quite a while ago). Half written as flashbacks, the full story really isn't revealed or intertwined fully until the last few pages, which made it a very interesting read. There were some reflections on alien life, social commentary, musings on the possibilities of gods versus psychoses, and could easily have been turned into a series. But this was back when series weren't required from writers of sci-fi and fantasy, so it was kept short. I'd love to read more in the universe.

Virtual cookies

Now... if only I could send cookies over the internet to those who are stressed... Instead, here is a recipe

Basic Drop Cookies

1.5c plain flour

1 or so tsp baking powder - use more if you want fluffier cookies

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 c sugar (whatever sort you prefer)

5-6 tbsp butter (or nuttelex)

1 tsp vanilla essence (essential - more if preferred)

1 egg

1-2 tbsp milk (or soy)

Cream the butter and sugar, add egg, milk, and vanilla and beat well. Add any extra 'wet' flavourings to this mix. In another bowl, combine dry ingredients (and dry flavourings), then add to wet ingredients a little at a time, beating well. Drop smallish spoonfuls onto a greased baking tray (works really well with something like glad bake), leaving space for cookies to spread. Bake in a moderate oven (350F) for 10-15 minutes or until slightly coloured.

You can add any flavourings you like, but you may need to change quantities of some things. Some of my favourites: - coconut, white chocolate and toasted almonds (or no white chocolate for non-dairy) - cocoa powder and dark chocolate == chocolate choc chip, though milk chocolate would work better - apricot, sultana and oats == healthier - ground hazelnuts and chopped hazelnuts - better if toasted.

You get the idea :>

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Grid Linkage

I was trying to figure out how to structure my website, and did a diagram, linking all the various sections to each other. This resulted in the discovery that most sections are linked to most other sections. HTML is not a good medium to show such linkage in textual navigation (or graphical for that matter). So at the moment I am at a loss as to what to do for the navigation for the site, and because this is where I like to start when designing a site, the whole lot is on hold.

Not to mention I'm meant to be writing up my Lit Review final for honours to be handed in on Tuesday/Wednesday, and a paper comparing general and specific parallel hardware/software systems (typically cluster based), and an assignment for Compression requiring coding in a language that the lecturer doesn't understand (*grin* of course this is on purpose).

Thus, I won't allow myself to think about this site for a bit. Perhaps mid September will see something happening.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

No more Docs?!?

I just found out today that Dr Martens (the wonderful shoe company) is no more. Please someone tell me it isn't so. I haven't found any news items about it, and was just about to buy my next pair of 14ups (which are darned hard to find in Australia anyway!) *pout*

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Ents are alive!!

Here is proof that the Ents still exist! Or there is one hell of a good costumer and stilt artist out there! Wow!!!

Too much HTML hacking

I have just spent far too much time and effort getting my work site working again after the restructure and change in styles. But it's done. So I can forget about that for a bit and concentrate on finishing and starting various other honours projects. This site is going to take quite a bit longer to set up, so please be patient. The next section that will be re-added will be the health information as that is important for me to have available. I will not be going through all the old posts in this blog to fix up broken links around the old site, it's just too much work to go through 300 odd posts individually! Web interfaces are far too slow!

Tuesday, August 5, 2003


This is just to let people know, that the personal stuff on my CSSE work site is currently being dismantled. Once I have all the pages working again (without all the stuff that may or may not be against acceptable use policy) I will move everything to I will be setting up a forward page for this blog, so if you have linked to it, you won't be completely severed. On a side note, it's always quite amusing and somewhat strange to find that people you know are reading your blog, and even linking to it! (Hi Josh :>). I don't get many comments so I tend to assume this isn't widely read.