Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Something old, something new

I lost the day today to something completely new (and the remnants or beginnings of a cold/throat virus of some sorts). This is the first time that I have ever had a rash reaction that covers the majority of my skin, thankfully not my face. All the old ezcma spots are horribly red, dry, itchy and peeling, and I'm covered in little red bumps. An allergy to something.

The acupuncturist thinks it might just be a detox reaction, the herbs finally beginning to work. I see her on Thursday to try muscle testing to find out the cause (this will be interesting). My housemate is sick as a dog with a very bad cold/sinus thing, causing many bad nosebleeds, stuffy head and a shocking cough. I'm desperately hoping I can avoid it, but have had to stop taking ease-a-cold tablets in case I'm reacting to something in that. If I do get it, it will either be a shocker of a sinus infection or drop to bronchitis/fluid on the lungs.

I am too run down. Am also off meat (apart from fish) for a bit, as meat often has antibiotic residues in it. In any case, I perplexed the doctor once again, seems to happen every time I'm in there to be diagnosed with something.

Sleep now, with a rotten head and frozen toes.....

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