Sunday, July 13, 2003

Smorgasboard of nightmares

Don't you just love those nights where you wake up from one nightmare to finally get back to sleep and be dropped into another? My favourite...

I had the usual spider infestation one where they were trying to eat me, egg sacs lying around the place, baby spiders carpeting all surfaces when the sacs broke. And me armed with a can of spider-killer spray which makes me horrifically asthmatic for the rest of the day (kinda appropriate as I got asthma for the first time in months two days ago). This was as usual set in my childhood home, where there were actual white tail spider nests in the roof or under the house (I was regularly killing 2-3 semi to full grown male whitetails daily for a couple of years).

Then I had a new one where I had vertical holes (slits) in my teeth that were just getting bigger, and would probably need to be replaced with a cap. I've never had one about my teeth before. For those who knew me a long long time ago, they would have seen me with rather mottled teeth (fluoride poisoning and too many antibiotics as a toddler). I got all the front top ones faced, about the time I had 6 teeth out and a plate to straighten the top ones. My dentist died before he could do miracles on the bottom teeth. In any case, the facings always broke, especially when playing clarinet, and were expensive to fix.

So when I got my bottom wisdom teeth out, I had all the facings sanded off completely. Surprisingly once the surface of my teeth was removed as well, we found that there was no mottling - it was only on the surface. A couple of years later I was getting horrible dark lines appearing as not all of the facing had been removed, thus more sanding, which hurt this time (too much of my tooth removed?) It's nearly 6 months since I had my top wisdom teeth out, maybe it was a reminder dream to go back to the dentist?

Of course there were the usual dreams of running from people trying to kill me, probably brought on by mum being horribly manipulative. She kicked up such a stink last year when I went away for Xmas, but when I said I was probably going to Germany this year for Xmas she tried to dream up ways that Nanna would pay for it. You see, she really only wants me to get married and have kids, and a couple of sentences before (when she was hassling me about getting engaged) I mentioned that I hadn't even met Bernie's family yet. I was completely floored when she seemed happy that I would miss Xmas again - I had thought it would be a war when I mustered the courage to say I wouldn't be there.

The last nightmare was having to re-mark all of the cse1303 end of semester papers because the tutors marked opposite to the marking guide. I am planning to mark the two tests by myself, mainly as my workload should be less than full time without it. I don't think I could do that for the final exam.

I need a decent night's sleep!

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