Monday, July 14, 2003

Productive days

For a no study day, yesterday was very productive, even though I got through 6 (slow) missions of Dune 2000. I completed the next two colours in the wing of the dragon (only about 20 left), made a pair of cute PJs, fixed my old ones, fixed a top and pillow cases. It's now down to a black 'pettiskirt' in my planned sewing cabinet (though many many other projects are yet to be planned). Friday was doing nothing much, Thursday I prepared the end garden bed (of course I hurt my back and hamstrings, and for some reason my abs - I felt like I had done sit-ups, which is not good for the adeno pain). I actually motivated myself past the pain and exercised this morning, so I feel like I'm on an upwards turn, which may indeed see some honours being done soon.

Unfortunately I have until Wednesday to get 2 papers, a lit review and the experiment polished and webified, which I know is completely impossible. I might be able to get one paper done by then if I concentrate. In any case, I still feel accomplished.

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