Monday, July 21, 2003

Pep talk

I just had a 'phone' meeting with Linda, who reminded me of a couple of points that I had really forgotten about, or never thought of. The main one being that I am doing honours primarily for myself, which is quite different to how I had been seeing it.

Part of the reason I am so dis-motivated is due to the incredible drop in quality of students and tutors, something along the lines of 'why should I try my damnedest to create a good product that will help them if they are unwilling to put the effort in to help themselves'. This feeling was amplified enormously when using exactly the same assignment and marking guide as last year for CSE1304, we would have had an 80% fail rate had we not changed the marking scheme.

So..... I have to try to turn my thinking around to focusing on how honours will help me have more choices in the future. This will be difficult.

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