Sunday, July 27, 2003

Own domain

I'm getting my very own domain : I feel geeky! But at least I can get all my non-Monash stuff away from Monash. New acceptable use policies get introduced every few months and each time cut further and further into using Monash resources for anything but work. Thank goodness I'm not using any of the site-licensed Microsoft products - they were threatening to remove the operating system from users who used it for personal mail/web browsing, anything at all!

This should be set up vaguely (hopefully) in a couple of weeks, and then the personal and health sections and this blog will be deleted from my CSSE site. Now I really need to get stuck into honours work. 2 cancelled lectures in the first two weeks of uni means I really haven't got into a rhythm yet, still floating around feeling quite lost. I also start teaching next week - 300 first year programming students! Eeek!

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