Thursday, July 24, 2003

Musical people...

There is a discussion on Korner at the moment about who could teach what at the 'Korner school', and at some stage music and sports came up. I'm woefully inadequate for teaching sport, but have taught music for a bit, and can probably teach most instruments :>

However, that sent me down memory lane to when the drama department and a small subset of the music department put on the musical Busy Malone (I was in year 8, and it was the only one we got to do, thanks to Kennet/Unions cancelling all music/drama/outside school activities). The people who were in the little band were incredibly talented, and we (nearly) all played multiple instruments during the course of the show. There were:

Mr Rowlands - conductor, keyboard

Ms Walker - keyboard, cello, bass guitar

Gareth - guitar, bass guitar, banjo

Me - keyboard, clarinet (solo!), bass clarinet, violin (solo!)

Paul - dedicated drum kit

Stuart - visiting trumpeter (one of the three nights)

It was the most difficult yet the most fun thing I did with my music, apart from when I performed with the Grainger wind symphony (timpani and keyboard percussion). One of the scariest points was where I had a violin string snap on me during the middle of a piece - Mr Rowlands switched to keyboard at that point, and I frantically restrung and tuned the treacherous instrument.

Ahhh the good old musical days... I miss them.

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