Friday, July 18, 2003

Comfort food

I freaked my mum out today making pumpkin soup. The way I do it is I chop up half a butternut pumpkin and a large sweet potato and boil them in lightly salted water till soft. Sometimes I add one finely chopped and sauteed leek. Once all are soft, drain but leave in the saucepan, add leeks, then mash.

Then add a couple of tablespoons of nuttelex, and enough soy milk, freshly ground sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, and ground cumin till desired consistency and taste is reached. Obviously you can substitute table salt, pre-ground pepper, butter and milk, but it isn't as good or dairy free.

I typically add 1-2 tbsp's of cumin as I love this spice, this time I up-ended the cumin bottle (had about 1.5 Tbsps in it) and completely shocked mum. It was fun (everyone likes shocking their mothers), and she even liked the taste (suprise)!

Now that my bread has cooked, I'm eating the yummy soup with freshly baked seeded bread with garlic bread mix sprinkled on it (buttered first, of course). Just what I needed after a visit from my family. Now I'm just waiting for a delicious strawberry moo-free smoothie to turn up, courtesy of the wonderful, special Bernie.

It's a pity he doesn't like pumpkin.....

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