Thursday, July 10, 2003

The big throwout

For the past few days (weeks?) I have had the urge to throw a lot of things out. Which I have done, or put aside to sell on ebay, or give away as presents. I've thrown out old cards, holey clothes, miscellaneous paperwork and receipts that I really don't need to keep, my old diary from early high school (without even reading through it - I know what it says, damn my extremely good long term memory), dead ink cartridges and pens, out of date food, candelabras and storage jars. You name it, I've got rid of it.

I have done my tax already (the earliest I have ever submitted it) and was majorly depressed at the expected return. I still have to pay HECS and medicare levy even though I earnt a tiny amount, and a huge amount of that went on medical expenses! Bah! The tax return did make me do one thing, fix my printer, (the heads on two black cartridges were dead, and the colour cartridge needed the black ink well refilled). But only after swearing for about an hour at the spare printer that for some reason would not eat the paper fed to it. I still haven't figured it out and re-boxed it in disgust.

I attacked a tree (really only half a tree) and have cut it up, making the dead green pile in the backyard definitely a full trailer load for the tip. It's interesting to see how independent I need to be when it comes to doing things that I should be able to do (without being in pain).

Now that the house is clean, the washing is done, the throwing out completed, there is only the garden left to prepare and the cross stitch to finish, to procrastinate. Unfortunately the garden is out in the sunny cold world (both adjectives that don't interact well with me).
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