Saturday, June 21, 2003


Just as first semester is finally finished with, the notes for second semester sit there waiting for modifications for printing and loads of honours work has been scheduled for the break between semesters, I bleed through the pill. Murphy must be laughing very hard.

I was quickly going to get my cse467 paper finished this weekend, followed by a crazy week of updating courseware for next semester, then another paper in a week, and the final of the Lit Review. Now, all of that is probably not going to happen. I'm getting very frustrated that I can't seem to get anywhere with my honours stuff - I've fallen behind this years' students already.

Unfortunately I am likely to lose a whole week to high doses of codeine, pain, warmth and sleep (brain shutdown). Although some of it sounds nice (specifically the warmth and sleep part), it usually takes me quite a while after the week of insane amounts of pain to get back to normal enough to think about writing.

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