Monday, June 30, 2003

More Stuff

We ran around yesterday, getting my shopping out of the way, and then heading out to see the new Richmond Ikea. I found it was less organised than the Moorabbin Ikea, but it had a garden section (as well as all the other standard sections). And a huge bonus, I found lucky bamboo there! So I now have 3 lucky bamboo stalks which should be very easy to care for. Then we went to Alasya again, and ate too much as usual. It was insanely busy, but the service was still good, and the food was excellent. They have freshly squeezed orange juice (for real), which was absolutely yummy. I couldn't eat many of the desserts (only the gelatinous ones), and two dips due to dairy intolerance, but the rest of the food was fine. We were going to see a movie after this, but ran out of time, and ended up watching X-Men 1.5 DVD and some of the (huge number of) extras, till we realised what the time was. Tomorrow I am finally going to go and explore the shops in Dandenong and get a yoga mat from Rebel. I've only been living up the road (well, quite a way up the road), for nearly 2 years and apart from going through it on holidays and once to the bakery, I still haven't been there.
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