Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Marking done, now for 2nd semester

For some reason, the final marking took a hell of a lot longer than last year, I spent a good 15 hours straight marking 11 groups. The other markers have noticed it too, and we can't figure it out why, whether the standard has dropped, or the reports/sites were longer? Or we just couldn't get into a rhythm? Don't know. But I am so glad it's done, it was a nightmarish job. Now I just need to re-do the notes, pracs and tutes for next semester's programming subject. First year computer science will be getting an overhaul for next year (where it runs in all three semesters) so it won't be changed too much, however I am determined to change the tutes and pracs somewhat as the incidence of cheating has sky-rocketed this year.

We will be using an online cheater checker for the pracs and Debbie is considering making participation in the tutes worth marks and attendance at 80% of the tutorials a hurdle. I'm not looking forward to next semester (I've still somehow to complete my honours project and another 6 point honours subject around the teaching commitments and health crap).

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