Monday, June 9, 2003

Health update

I saw the surgeon last week, which put me into a huge downward spin, even though there was some good news. I don't have much endometriosis now - only one small spot was found on one ovary, and only two adhesions had formed (one had stuck the left ovary down in the pouch of douglas (at the back and bottom of the uterus.. a long way from where it should be. Don't ask me why that area has that name, I don't know...).

This shows that the continuous birth control is working. The bad news.... the pictures showed blatantly that I have severe adenomyosis in one big splodge, which is sitting on my bowel. This is causing all my pain, and the only treatment is a hysterectomy. As soon as I have 'completed my family' it is strongly advised for me to have a hysterectomy.

Nothing can be done about the bowel pain (without removing the uterus). It's likely nothing further can be done about the general fight I have with my immune system and rundown-ness. Neither the coldness, or the general pain.

The only other suggestion the surgeon made was acupuncture. Other herbal medicines are likely to have no effect and carry the risk of damaging my kidneys further. I'm not looking forward to living with this until I am ready decide to have or not to have kids. Funny that.

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