Sunday, June 15, 2003

Head and Feet

I'm not sure what my triggers are for migraines, but I seem to be getting them weekly. It could be stress, food, or general weather. However, I do feel like I am getting a cold and just got new glasses, which my eyes are still getting used to. So, marking of assignments is being done while under the influence of pain and lots of strong pain-killers.

I saw the podiatrist today, who seemed very competent, and who personally knows 2 people with endometriosis in very strangest places (eyebrow cavity and knee). Having endometriosis anywhere other than pelvis is extremely rare. Anyhow, my feet are weird (duh... just like the rest of me), and my back problems/turned in knees and hips apparently aren't caused by my feet (like other podiatrists have told me). She also had no idea why I had a lump in my previous set of insteps. I don't know who to believe any more.

My current insteps also are 'off the shelf' whereas I was told they were made 'specially for me' and paid for it too, through the public system. The podiatrist I received them from is no longer in business, so I can't chase that (and don't have the spare energy to do so). 2 weeks till I get my new insteps, sculpted in metal and foam from a plaster cast, and 2 weeks till the podiatrist rips my insoles out of my lovely Asics sneakers to fit the insteps.

*bah* My next major purchases will be new doc martens and sneakers, once I get my bills/loans down a bit.

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