Monday, June 16, 2003


I find it very interesting how fads work. I have witnessed two surges in the popularity of wicca, feng shui, aromatherapy and other natural therapies (and related new age shops). However, after the huge wicca boom when Charmed and Buffy were new, interest has once again waned, and it's not profitable to stock those items (or keep those shops open). I am told that Yoga and self-help are the current topics of interest. Only a couple of items remain constant in those shops - incense, essential oils and pretty stones/crystals. Candle fads also seem to come and go. I found it difficult to find even taper candles at Chadstone recently (and nothing in green!). I love candles, and don't like it when I'm running low, so am quite annoyed that I can't stock up easily and cheaply. However, large, ugly pillar candles are all the rage, as long as they are sitting in glass hurricane lamps with some kind of sand or stones to stabilise them at the base. *grrrrr* I want my candles.
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