Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Sinus infections & coldness

For some reason, I have been suffering repeated and long-term sinus infections. I can't put it down to weather, air-conditioning, heating, dust, pollen, chemicals, or anything else! This time I am ingesting a lot of blood, my face wants to explode around my eyes, have been running a fever on and off, and I am extremely nauseous (the nausea is new). I am running my ventilator constantly (probably not good for it) as it seems to be the only thing that helps. If I'm away from it for even a few hours, my symptoms get worse. :-\

This does mean work, honours and thinking in general really just isn't happening. And it must happen - I have too many things due! I absolutely must get my project finished this year.... On a kind of related note (well health wise), I'm always cold. The things that used to warm me up - food, super-heating the room, shower, baths, heat packs are no longer working. I stopped exercising to recover from the last operation, and it could be due to this. But it's getting annoying, and so cold!

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