Saturday, May 24, 2003

Organising research

I really need to get my readings organised, they are becoming too numerous and on too many different subjects (simulation, research methods, psychology of learning, programming, semantic errors, teaching statistics, etc). One suggestion was to use a system like End-Note (which is windows only), but this doesn't really translate well into BiBTeX, which is what I use when writing. Seeing as so far all of my references are in BiBTeX, and all of the project readings have been reviewed in the logbook, it should not be too hard to go through and create a 'readings' database, with comments, notes, date last looked at, categories (search terms), references needing to be followed etc.

I think it's time to start another new blog, just for research readings for my various subjects and projects, and I need to buy a filing cabinet or something to store these darned things!

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