Monday, May 19, 2003

More successful procrastination

I've learnt more about CSS style sheets today, and have been thinking about different ways to re-implement my site (yet again). I will probably change the look/feel of the sub-sites first (tutors, work, health, personal etc) before doing a full redesign. I found heaps of CSS resources, joined a CSS mailing list, and hopefully I can absorb some of the graphical creativity displayed by some of those sites to improve this site (I can at least wish this!)

I also tried to find some information on which DVD release of Farscape is better - Region 4 (AU), Region 2 (UK) or Region 1 (US). Meaning better in the sense of better cuts (preferably no cuts), better quality video and sound, better extra features and lower in price. Currently it seems for season 2, the US Region 1 releases seem to beat the UK Region 2 ones - they are cheaper and contain more episodes, despite some of them being in the wrong order. Season 3 is currently being released in the US, and is more expensive. The Region 4 (AU) Farscape DVDs are the worst of the lot with audio dropouts, MPEG errors, and few special features. I couldn't find any definitive comparison using Google, so if you have a different opinion, please let me know. I have currently collected until the middle of Season 2 (UK releases).

In my information gathering spree, I also collected a huge bunch of health related links which will eventually find a home in me health section, but again, that will take more time than I can justify wasting.

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