Thursday, May 22, 2003


The number of people that comment or ask - "Wow, you are looking good!" or "Are you better yet?", is getting to be ridiculous! And to think I have explained to those people so many times what endometriosis/adenomyosis/kidney disease is, and how none can be treated, and that I put up a mask over the pain because I am at work and the students should not see me screaming. *Argh!!* I had an operation only one month ago, and I won't have recovered properly from that for several more months.!! Despite all of the pain, I'm expected to teach, and do loads of honours work. Some colleagues are amazed, but some show absolutely no sympathy and expect more and more and more.... (oh yeah, they expect me to be miraculously "all better", and are very much surprised when I say I'm not, and never will be). *bah*
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