Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Bored Now...

Now that the draft CSE467 paper is out of the way, and I've collected another 8 references for it to somehow be worked in, I find I've lost the motivation to keep going on my other subjects and project. (Feeling sick from the all-powerful sinusitis antibiotics (they are working this time) doesn't help). I'm not well enough to go and procrastinate by gardening or cleaning, and typing lots (HTML) has lost it's appeal (it's bad for a touch typist when even one finger is hurt). I could play Myst Exile again, but the vertigo I get does not interact well with nausea.

There is a huge backlog of sewing and other craft stuff, but I'm feeling decidedly impatient. My head is hurting so reading is not an option. I would like to watch SG1 or Xena, but am watching them with Bernie, and he is not available. *sigh*

Complaints have started rolling in about the marking deduction for using illegal tags (not in the specified allowed tagset) for an assignment in CSE1304. Nearly everyone used a generator, and even those that didn't, used <b>, <i> and <u>, which are illegal according to the HTML 4.01 standard. All the generators seem to use those tags, so even if the meta generator line was taken out, they still lost marks for illegal tags. We had to change the penalty from last year (-5 for each illegal tag) to -5 for use of any number of illegal tags, because about 70% of students would have failed.

Hardly any of them followed the assignment instructions and now they are complaining because they got penalised for it. I'm worried what sort of mess this will make for CSE1303 next semester.

Anyhow... off to find something to procrastinate... sleep sounds good (and warm!)

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