Friday, April 25, 2003

Update on me

Looks like gym pays off - my blood pressure was excellent while I was in hospital (110/70), whereas it had been a bit high for several months before gym. I'm also recovering exceptionally well, Bernie puts it down to staying in hospital overnight. I think I'd have to add that to being looked after, not having to do cooking, cleaning, or anything for several days, thanks to him. It has probably also helped that I didn't have a net connection for a week (the phone line died due to water destroying the line under the road), and thus couldn't worry about work (as much), and procrastinated very effectively watching lots of cable and reading eight books so far.

I should get on with my honours work now. I am looking forward to being able to go back to yoga and belly dancing, and really wish I could afford the belly dance DVDs I've been wanting to get for so long. But the surgeon's bill, water bills for the past 2 years (see a later post), visa, and obscene phone bills need to be paid off first.

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