Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Dead tigers

Jon Weinhart in Los Angeles is going to be prosecuted for animal cruelty, including the mistreatment of tigers and other animals kept at the shelter he set up. Californian authorities found 90 dead tigers and leopards, including cubs, at his home, in various stages of decomposition in freezers and pens, after a tip that Wienhart may have been keeping a tiger cub and two alligators without permits. They also reported that the conditions these animals were kept in were filthy, and alleged that various tiger body parts were being sold in Asia for aphrodisiacs (up to $40,000 per tiger). Weinhart's 8 year old son was also found to be living among the tigers and alligators, causing Weinhart and the boy's mother to be held on suspected child endagerment. I can't believe people would do this to such beautiful and endangered animals, let alone children!
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