Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Back from hospital

The operation was 'suprisingly easy' as the surgeon reported last night. Only a few spots of endometriosis were found, and a couple of adhesions on both ovaries were removed. Not at all what they expected (no bowel involvement at all). It seems there was absolutely no smeared endometrial growths back at all, which is great.

I am recovering well, better than the 3rd op, and they sewed me up very carefully. Stitches come out on Thursday and I should be completely fine to start work again in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the diagnosis is the worst possible - I have adenomyosis - tested by needle biopsy from a couple of lumpy boggy 'protrusions' in the uterus wall.

The MRI I had about a month back showed I didn't have adeno, so I was completely unprepared for this diagnosis. As I still want the option of having kids (even though the adeno is likely to prevent this from happening) I don't feel ready to make the only decision I have available for treatment - a full hysterectomy. Although there is another form of treatment (partial endometrial ablation), this wouldn't work on me as I also have endometriosis (need to remove the source of the oestragen - the ovaries). *bah*

Adeno is meant to affect women who are much older (40s), not me! The surgeon has suggested that we try other methods for pain management (as this operation is unlikely to have helped at all). So next up, is chinese medicine, naturopathy and diet analysis. And I will need to keep a strict and heavy exercise routine, with lots of yoga to keep mobility in the area. I may also need to stay on hormones to control the growth of the adeno - it sounds like it has got a lot worse since the operations 2 years ago. This is going to take some time for me to come to terms with :-\

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