Friday, April 25, 2003

1.5 years of 'free' water

My landlord rang me earlier this week, to request that I forward him payment for the water bills. It looks like Yarra Valley Water had continued to supply water to the property for 1.5 years without having complete billing details, and did not send any bills in this time! My landlord paid the outstanding bills for last year, but the bill for the most recent quarter has been moved to my new Yarra Valley Water account. I am amazed that they supplied water to a property for so long without bothering to find out who they should be billing! The agent had said they would set up the water account, and I wouldn't have to do anything. I had assumed all this time that water was included in rent. Guess I was wrong. Hopefully there won't be too much to pay, I've still got a $400 gap payment outstanding for the surgeon (yet to receive anaesthetist and pathology bills).
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