Friday, March 7, 2003

Those days....

Don't you just hate it when you have a spate of really bad days, that just make you want to stop existing. Well.. I've just had nearly a week of them. At least they seem to be starting to get better. It all started with having my wisdom teeth out last friday. That actually went suprisingly well, but the bleeding afterwards lasted over 5 hours. (and I lost settlers cards again, damn the new spy rule!)

When I got home from the dentist though, my clown loach had disappeared. He has been acting stressed for days, and the friend clown we got him didn't cheer him up. So I put him in some new water as a quarantine procedure, and he died shortly after.

Monday wasn't too bad, except for crazily hectic as the first week of Uni always is. Tuesday was Very Bad (tm). I was in a lot of pain, had walked up to the shops only to discover my purse was at home (actually it was at work), _after_ having collected my Coles shopping. With no way to pay for it, I couldn't get the fresh stuff, or a bus home (which I desperately needed to do). I fell over several times, and nearly broke my toe again, getting into the shower. I was in a horrible state.

Wednesday was hectic, the video conferencing stuff wasn't working, which screwed up the tutors meeting. The network was playing up big time (for the tutors), but I did get samba set up. The honours subject looks very interesting, and looks at something neat - simulation of climate change, which is what I'll do my paper on, but I was completely stuffed. Then had to re-do all of TPS and mess to work with the new naming scheme, link the pracs in for the tutors and various other odd jobs. Oh yea, and one of the Caulfield classes has been moved to 8am, cos there were too many enrolments at Caulfield. Grrrr. They shouldn't go about moving timetabled classes during the first week! Walking home Wednesday my sciatic nerve got pinched on the right, and it's been twinging since.

Found out some gossip was true, which has lowered my opinion of some people even further than I thought was possible, had to do a very annoying ethics application, and change it several times.

To top it off, my pain level has risen, my jaw still is hurting, I'm getting bad migraines, I'm cramping lots, my hip/back is still playing up, I have got insomnia back, and I'm simple not hungry (as a result? or making it worse).

I have huge infestations in my garden of aphids, white flys and a many white spotted bug that looks like a lady bug, but kills them. And I'm still looking for a housemate :-\

My rant probably hasn't helped that matter... oh well...
I'm done... for today...

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