Sunday, March 23, 2003

Minority Report

I thought the effects were quite good (not the jetpacks!) in Minority Report, the acting was good, the story was intriguing. I didn't even notice the product placements most of the time.
What is it with women with no eyebrows and no hair portraying wise characters (angels/seers/priestesses/etc)? I think it started in Dune, and it has been used numerous times since. I'm not complaining - I think it works, but too many of the costumes I would love to do would require me to shave my head and eyebrows!

The score seemed fairly derivative, and I hadn't known it was John Williams to begin with, but I should have guessed (and did, not long from the start).

The extras disk was fairly enjoyable, but nothing compares to LoTR for comprehensiveness and enjoyment. This movie was based on a short story by Philip K Dick by the same name, which is why it probably held together fairly well.

An enjoyable movie, better than most that I have seen recently.

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