Monday, March 31, 2003

Gather, Darkness!

Gather, Darkness! - Fritz Leiber

I liked this story, it was easy to read, and had a couple of interesting twists, especially at the end. It felt that there should be other stories set in this universe. Several things that happened in the book were not explained, which left me wondering about some things. If they had been explained, I think I would have enjoyed the book less. The story is set after the golden age, in the far future, where to provide stability, priests run the planet. They are the doctors, teachers, psychologists, religious leaders, politicians, and slave drivers. But of course, there is the opposition, the witchcraft. Interestingly, the witchcraft was very much not as we understand it, though thinking about it, effects caused by advanced technology would seem like witchcraft or miracles to uneducated, technologically unaware masses.

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